Generate Java code from an existing WSDL with Apache CXF

When developing web services, there are occasions when you would like to generate Java code from an existing WSDL document. You might adopt the contract-first approach or just have an existing web service running on a non-Java platform which you want to migrate to Java. You can then start implementing your service from the generated classes. You can use the Apache CXF wsdl2java tool to generate fully annotated JAX-WS (Java EE 6) compliant Java code. Generating the Java code is as simple as:

apache-cxf-2.6.1\bin$ wsdl2java -p -d /home/tommy/ /home/tommy/webservice.wsdl

… where the -p parameter sets the target package namespace to, -d points to the target directory for the generated files and the last parameter specifies the source WSDL path.

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Tommy Tynjä