About us

Diabol is a Swedish company specialized in modern agile software development.

We make sure you get the best out of your IT department by maximizing the throughput and free resources for customer value adding activities. We are specialists in creating a business oriented culture with the help of Processes and Tools.

What We Do:

We believe effective software development is a business enabler that frees your vision. We value the whole system development process and our team foundation not only makes sure you get the best of our expertise it also spreads our wealth of experience to your development team.

With the help of our knowledge in agile methods, processes and tools we produce business value faster with less waste, higher quality, and at a lower cost. We join forces with our clients, to make sure your system development process is as efficient as possible, working through the impediments one by one as they come up.

How We Do It:

Our extensive experience within the system development domain and especially with a focus on Java development puts us in a unique position that enable us to implement processes and cultural change on a hands-on level opposed to traditional management consultants with their high flying PPT presentations.

We strongly believe that a cohesive group is more than the sum of its parts! This is why we don’t sell single individuals but prefer a team set up. We are a strategic partner for our clients and not an outsourcing firm.

Java, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Application Servers, Continuous Integration, System Development Process, Lean and Agile System Development

Contact information

Diabol AB
Riddargatan 23
114 57 Stockholm

Phone: +46 – 8 – 667 57 00
E-mail: info (a) diabol.se
Twitter: @diabolab

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